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About DEC

Education for Health and Well Being

The statements of experiences and outcomes in health and wellbeing reflect a holistic approach to promoting the health and wellbeing of all children and young people. They are consistent with the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child, which sets out the right for all children and young people to have access to appropriate health services and to have their health and wellbeing promoted. They build on the considerable work of Health Promoting Schools and the publication of Being Well, Doing Well which underlines the importance of a ‘health-enhancing’ school ethos – one characterized by care, respect, participation, responsibility and fairness for all. Children and young people should feel happy, safe, respected and included in the school environment and all staff should be proactive in promoting positive behaviour in the classroom, playground and the wider school community. Robust policies and practice which ensure the safety and wellbeing of children should already be in place. Good health and wellbeing is central to effective learning and preparation for successful independent living. This aspiration for every child and young person can only be met through a concerted approach: schools and their partners working together closely to plan their success. This lesson is provided to you by Development Expertise center DEC.

Development Expertise Center (DEC) is an Ethiopian Residence Charity Organization esta­blished in May 2007 and re-registered in October 2009, bearing a registration number, 0009. DEC is Child centered Organization which works in partnership with grass root communities, government structures, CBO’s and donors. DEC has good track records in designing and successfully implementing child centered programs.

Development Expertise Center (DEC) is an Ethiopian Residence Charity and Society Organization established to contribute towards improving the life of the disadvantaged and marginalized society. DEC aspires to see all under privileged children properly fostered. The organization has three major programme areas; Child Development, Gender and Life Skill Development and Skills and Entrepreneurship Development.

Vision: DEC aspires to see underprivileged children properly fostered.

Mission: DEC facilitates child–centered comprehensive development interventions to create safe and conducive environment to fulfill the best interest of children.

The core values that inspire DEC and guide its operations are Excellence & Innovation.

Excellence: DEC constantly challenges itself to the highest levels of learning and performance to achieve greater impact. It aspires to be the best in quality and in everything it does.

Innovation: DEC attaches great importance to innovative ideas and practices. It pursues continuous improvements, listening to and understanding the needs of its target groups, being informed and seeking out new ideas, and looking for ways to improve operational performance.

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